Funding and Donations

Funding and Donations
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Right to Sight
EKJYOT‘s CSR initiative is a collective mission solely aimed at human welfare and is Open to one and all. You can actively contribute, participate and help us achieve our ambitious goals – Vision for all. We are well aware of the enormity of task at hand. What keeps us going though is the unprecedented support that we have been receiving from our collaborating partners. Individuals, Business Community, trusts and NGOS and yes big corporate – everybody is chipping in with healthy contributions that keeps our mission going.
These joint efforts on part of all stakeholders have resulted in increased number of cataract surgeries performed free of cost either in our own network of eye hospitals or during scores of outstation free eye camps across Punjab and neighboring areas. Our Clinicians and Surgeons have undertaken record number of free surgeries that very few can match at the national level. Considering existing prevalence and projected incidence of cataract blindness till 2020, we need to accelerate our efforts manifold. This would mean putting more resources on ground and add to the frequency and number of free eye camps that EKJYOT has been conducting for over five years now.
We are doing it end to end and you can chip in with your financial, logistical or skilled manpower support at any stage of your preference & choice. Starting with awareness in rural clusters / hinterland, mobilization of the community, moving on to preventive outreach, patients' transportation to hospitals or to put our doctors on ground, advanced diagnosis and treatment to post-operative follow up - we are all out with all possible resource to reach all cataract those patients, who cannot afford treatment themselves and live in abject poverty and total ignorance of the disease.
Thousand of cataract patients have been benefitted till date at zero cost. Results are an indicator of our success. Recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that there is a 25% decrease in cataract blindness prevalence in India. This is a wonderful outcome of a joint public private collaboration; wherein government and many players like us are concurrently working for a ‘VISION for all by 2020’.
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Your Donations are completely transparent, audited and secured. Funds are directly given to partners and not used for any administration expenses or under any other miscellaneous header