Corporate & private Businesses

Corporate & private business groups are a lifeline for our CSR initiatives & their funding is directly proportional to our progress on ground . We appreciate corporate partners who not only believe in us, but in our cause to be able to bring about desired change. As a corporate benefactor you can contribute in any of the following manners:

§ Sponsoring an entire community based project say a village or a full camp
§ Collaborate in logistics, human resource or by partial funding
§ Sponsor a specific number of cataract eye surgeries
§ Donating for resource mobilization or facilitating Community awareness programmes
§ Spreading the word on social media and among your peers through your platforms.
§ Purchasing a certain number of eye glasses for distribution among operated patients
§ Fund or directly procure any latest eye care medical equipment dealing cataract disorders.

Should you have any unique proposal to help our mission, please share your ideas anytime with us !