Mr.Balbir Singh Dawett - (EKJYOT Charitable Foundation)

Our NRI community continues to remain way ahead when it comes to donations and funding charity causes in the philanthropic ecosystem.
One such instance is quite unique. Driven by inspiration & an instinctive urge to contribute to his native state Punjab , this 65 year old enterprising businessman has carved a distinct niche in making ‘VISION’ a reality for many poor & destitute with treatable blindness disorders.

Born in Bundala village of Jalandhar, Mr. Balbir Singh Dawat moved to England to pursue his career back in 1976.
But it wasn’t a smooth transition by any stretch of imagination. In order to self sustain, he took up the job of a humble bus driver; and so he remained for the next 12 long years.

He then ventured into the trade of Money Exchange & Real estate and as it were, things took a dramatic turn.
He ran his business quite successfully. His business canvas got extended to Dubai, UK and India. But that wasn’t his sole goal.
A child hood memory of a free eye camp for poor in his native village had sparked a vision in him: That of managing as many free eye surgeries for poor as he could potentially afford, primarily from his own savings and thus started a mission.

Today he is one of the lead NRI donors based out of Britain and helping scores of eye patients regain their vision in the Patiala region of Punjab. Since 2007, he has directly funded 11 such free eye camps conducted by EKJYOT foundation.

Thousands of patients regained their lost vision owing to Mr. Dawat’s sustained focus to work for underprivileged and marginalized segments of Patiala region.

The mission of ‘vision for poor’ that started in 2006 has continued till date and today he is the principal NRI Donor with EKJYOT & also one of its foundation members leading from the front.


First Floor, Mall Road - Bathinda Punjab


+91 91151-00800