India is a country with colossal population figure of over 1.3 billion. Put simply, every fifth person on our planet is an Indian. Population of this size requires a gigantic health apparatus to meet out potential health exigencies. Despite its huge middle class largely concentrated in its urban centers, India also has one of the largest impoverished populations living in straitened circumstances with only a dilapidated healthcare system to look up to. Alongside other treatable illnesses among these poor segments, eye care remains a critical challenge. Families of lower incomes in particular & those living below poverty need it most but ironically can afford least. As a result, millions are blind either partially or fully. The lead cause remains untreated cataracts. The high incidence of cataract blindness is partially attributable to the lack of access to quality care in rural areas & slum habitations spread across the length and breadth of our country. Their vision could well be saved and retrieved but for want of few thousand rupees, they remain blind and live a life of misery, isolation and neglect. Well unless the population segments living up the ladder chose to chip-in with meaningful concern, donations and charity, lacs of such patients will remain in sufferings; not entirely of their own making but largely being victims of circumstances. Many well meaning corporate, Mid and small level businessmen alongside a host of individuals have joined hands in a so to say movement – ‘vision for all’ aimed essentially to reclaim the vision of these tens of thousands of underprivileged people, destitute and marginalized. EKJOYT is at the forefront of this VISION MOVEMENT and has been contributing for many years now with all the available resources at our disposable. Many donors, individuals and organizations alike, have shown their generosity and human spirit to help us financially & logistically in our sustained efforts to reach out the poor segments in Punjab and neighboring states of North India. We have made significant inroads in our mission of VISION for all. Thousands of cataract surgeries have been undertaken during scores of free eye camps , out-station-clinics and through a network of our own dedicated eye hospitals spread all over Punjab. Not mere surgeries but the follow through and quality care in many instances is far superior to the private sector, who routinely charge exorbitant fees for such eye procedures. We have the services of the best-in-class surgeons and clinical ophthalmologists, who have voluntarily spared their time, skill and resources for this philanthropic & humanitarian cause and in the process earned massive goodwill individually and for the humanitarian banner EKJYOT. Our entire resource apparatus coupled with a dedicated team of skilled human resource are working at an unprecedented scale & round the year to lend desired impetus to this movement & the sheer number of people that we can make a difference to. ‘Vision’ is what they are deprived of and perhaps each one of us is capable of helping them out by deed and action. Let us work for a Cataract free world and make a contribution that counts for collective human welfare.


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